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Company profile

Cooperation with partners

CEO's message

On behalf of Soykis Solutions, let me welcome you to our website.

We believe that success of our company is mainly achieved thanks to our strong commitment to creating the unique opportunities for our clients.  Meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations are our top priorities.​


We realize that the integrity of our past is key to our sustainable growth in the future. Therefore, we will continue providing the high-quality service, delivering innovative, actionable solutions, and showing appreciation to our team members. 


As our company evolves and new opportunities arise, our many fields of service grow both in Ukraine and abroad.  In this regard, I encourage you to contact us to learn more about the solutions we can offer and thank you for your time to do so.

Be assured that in all our actions we are guided by the principles of honesty, integrity and enjoy taking on big challenges.

Ilya Soykis, CEO​

CEO's Message

At Soykis Solutions, we are in the business of professional services, where we help our clients achieve practical results with real impact in the areas of corporate and competitive intelligence, corporate investigations and asset tracing, government relations, transactions structuring, and debt recovery.


Bringing more than 15 years of practical hands-on experience, we are dedicated to supplying effective, innovative and flexible tailor-made solutions when our clients experience difficulties in problem solving.


Among our clients there are executives of large multinational companies and local businesses in various fields of activity.  We help our clients make the right decisions in different situations and then implement these decisions, thereby ensuring the success of our clients' business.

We value honesty and are focused on building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients

Cooperation with partners

Cooperation with highly qualified and reliable partners allows us to provide specific products and deliver specialized industry knowledge

We have taken steps to build cooperation relationships with several partners to ensure efficient delivery of specialized services.


We are very careful to the choice of a reliable partner. We comprehensively study the potential partner, his products, and approach for services delivery.


Where appropriate, and for the benefit of our clients, we leverage our cooperation relationships with our trusted partners to ensure that our clients receive the most qualified expertise in specific areas for solving of their business issues.

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