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We have comprehensive experience in the fields of corporate and competitive intelligence, integrity due diligence, corporate investigations and asset tracing.

Business intelligence

Information is the key to managing risk.

With our deep experience providing discreet and confidential services, we have a rich history in helping companies minimize risks and maximize opportunities by offering them specific business information.



due diligence

Our experts assist our clients in obtaining information from a range of trusted sources to better understand the nature of actual or prospective business partners, suppliers, customers or employees.

We perform comprehensive due diligence on individuals and legal entities (locally and offshore) in order to alert clients to fraud and reputation risks, background and financial 

disclosure issues, and potential negotiation points.


We leverage our partners network and external technological resources to provide unique insights tailored to each client’s individual risk profile.

Corporate investigations

In today's reality, fraud is one of major issues.  Depending on client's needs, we tailor our services to provide our clients with the best possible information with the aim to identify corporate fraud within their business.  We also provide our clients with strategies to prevent further fraud from occurring in the future.  


Upon client's request, we conduct independent corporate investigations.  We customize our investigative services to fit our client's requirements to a specific case.  

We conduct discreet investigations within legislation and assist our clients in applying disciplinary actions to help resolve cases in a constructive manner.



We have the expertise to trace assets, both physical and electronic detections, within Ukraine and abroad.

We can track assets, regardless of what procedures were conducted on them. Some attempt to hide the existence of assets or transfer them to another book, and sometimes the assets are transferred from one owner to another - our company can assist our clients in tracking the whole path of assets.

Our capabilities include human and intellectual resources, analytical and data tools, investigative technology, and information and intelligence gathering skills. 

BI projects
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