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We provide our clients with state-of-the-art case management technologies for the recovery of debts with focus on implementing the best and most cost-effective way of debtor's funds and assets collection.

Debt recovery

Before commencing with litigation and enforcement, we conduct debt recovery through professional negotiations in person with debtors. We know how to convince debtors to pay their debts.

Tracing of debtor's assets

Nowadays, where a bad debt became a common practice, the clients usually seek to obtain information regarding the financial standing of each particular debtor before starting debt recovery and enforcement procedures.

We conduct necessary investigations and researches regarding credit standing of the debtor, assets allocation and assets transfer background information, details on debtor's liabilities and encumbrances, other negative information that may have an impact on debt recovery.


Prior to conducting debt recovery operations, we also conduct a research on debtor's affiliated companies and individuals to estimate, whether recovery can be made by enforcing the assets operated by such affiliates.  


All these measures facilitate the general recovery procedures and support the recovery plan with extra options. 

Assets transfer protection

Assets protection is one of our key expertise, where we assist our clients to prevent illegal or improper transfer of assets.  


Following the initial investigations stage (tracing of debtor's assets), we indicate, where the rights of the client can meet certain risk of illegal asset transfer or improper operations on the side of debtor and perform the debt recovery by all possible means provided by law.

Clients sometimes face an aggressive or unjustified attack by counterparties, and in this case we act for the client as protection of his assets from illegal transfer.  It is very important to establish legal protection in a timely manner.

Pre-litigation, litigation and enforcement proceedings

In our work we try to avoid aggressive collection methods, and we rely on mediation and negotiations.  Often, we are able to return money to the client without spoiling client’s business relationship with the debtor.

To achieve this result, we apply a variety of techniques. Such process involves negotiating with client the amount of its indebtedness, possibly rescheduling or discounting thereof, obtaining additional guarantees from the debtor following monitoring of the execution by the debtor of new arrangements with our clients.


The negotiation with debtors is also based on our findings and strong arguments we received while conducting assets tracing and necessary investigation as to effective debts recovery. 

If, after all attempts, we have not been able to peacefully negotiate with the debtor, then we help our clients in litigation and enforcement proceedings, using all methods for debt recovery that are provided by the law.

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