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We represent the interests of our clients before government authorities at all levels with a particular attention on client's operational and strategic needs.

Government relations


We have wide experience in building and developing relationships with state bodies.  We apply all our experience and expertise to meet the needs of our clients.

We appreciate our high ethical standards and our reputation, as well as the reputation of our clients.

We apply our expertise in GR to ensure that legislation, government decisions and administrative regulations are successfully managed to prevent or otherwise mitigate risks of adverse governmental interference in the private sector.

To build and operate a business properly, you need to develop the right model of business, considering legal, operational and finance risks.  We help our clients to develop, implement and structure the legal model of their business.  Ultimately, this leads to significant cost savings, as well as reduces the potential risks that may occur upon doing business in Ukraine.

We leverage our extensive network of relationships with key government and business decision-makers in Ukraine to promote business development and enhance penetration in competitive sectors.


Our team of lawyers and other professionals understands the relationship between government and heavily regulated industries such as banking and financial services, pharma, FMCG and others, along with issues involving tax, licensing and regulatory restrictions, state registers' issues, bureaucratic and laborious processes, and much more - and in all this our team can help you. 

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