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We act with honesty, integrity and enjoy taking on big challenges.

At Soykis Solutions, we are in the business of professional services, where we help our clients achieve practical results with real impact in the areas of corporate and competitive  intelligence, corporate investigations and asset tracing, government relations, transactions structuring, and debt recovery.

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We have comprehensive experience in the fields of corporate investigations, corporate and competitive intelligence, integrity due diligence and asset tracing, providing with in-depth and complete analysis of potential background, reputation and credit risks check reports in order to help our clients make better-informed decisions on dealing with business partners, customers, suppliers or employees. 

We have quite extensive experience in the sphere of GR.  To prevent or to reduce the risks of unfavorable government intervention in the private sector, we apply our knowledge and experience to ensure observing the law and administrative regulations by government authorities.

We are noted for our ability to assist clients with their most complex and demanding challenges connected with structuring, implementing and managing local and cross-border business transactions.

We provide our clients with state-of-the-art case management technologies for the recovery of debts with focus on implementing the best and most cost-effective way of debtor's funds and assets collection.

Our capabilities

Our people

We have formed a highly qualified team of expert consultants, lawyers and finance advisers, so that we have the opportunity to successfully interact with our clients by providing them with quality and timely solutions.

We have combined experts with different areas of experience and background into a single team, and we work as a complete team.  When a client hires us, he relies on the full range of support of our company.  Thanks to our team of highly qualified specialists, we can more effectively solve business issues and challenges of our clients.

Our approach

We apply a comprehensive approach to client service. We strive to create long-term partnerships with our clients. We study our clients' business, their needs, their goals and requirements - this is precisely the key to creating mutually beneficial, long-term partner relationships.

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