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We work closely with a wide range of multinational and leading national companies from different industries and regions, from public and private sectors.


Our team experts had leading roles as expert consultants, legal counsels and finance adviser in hundreds cases.   These are just some of our selected experience. 

We completed several projects on structuring of transactions for Ukrainian companies, one of the leaders in the field of industrial manufacturing, construction, and food distribution. During the implementation of projects, individual practical solutions were developed and implemented on a "turn-key basis" aimed at improving the liquidity of operating companies, optimization of their cash flow and tax effect.

transactions structuring

We conducted a competitors' analysis for the one of leading Ukrainian chemical product importers.  In the course of our project we identified and analyzed the sales operations of both largest Ukrainian chemical importers and international exporters of such products.  Our Business Intelligence experts also identified the key customers of our client's competitors and provided our client with recommendations aimed at increasing sales in Ukraine and improving its gross margin.

business intelligence

We conducted an integrity due diligence of the main contractors for several multinational companies in respect of direct or indirect relations with individuals in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, being under the sanctions of the US and the EU.

business intelligence, integrity due diligence

We completed an integrity due diligence for one of the leaders of the international agricultural market, to identify their contractors' compliance with the laws of Ukraine and some CIS countries. We investigated the main contractors for their legitimacy, reputation and business risks. After the IDD, we provided a list with recommendations for eliminating the risks when working with these contractors.

business intelligence, integrity due diligence

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