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Transactions structuring

In any business, sooner or later it comes to a transaction.  The transaction is a complex, integrated process.  We help our clients from the beginning of the transaction and to its successful completion, providing thorough support.

Our team of structuring experts advise clients in developing the optimal transaction structure and approach to its realization.

Our structuring experts were repeatedly noted by international independent surveys and in the recommendations of the clients, as high-class professionals in these fields.

Tax planning

Our team provides solutions to support a broad range of transactions, including investments, group reorganisations, financial restructurings, business financing and profit repatriation.

Before starting any project, we carefully study its specific objectives. In this case, we are closely analyzing the transaction objectives that must be achieved. In order to provide our client with the optimum deal structure, we must pay attention to the accounting requirements, legal and taxation specifics, as well as business considerations.

We assist our clients in developing and making efficient transaction structures for holding and international trading companies, funding structures.

Advanced transactions solutions

We cooperate with local and international banks and financial companies, combining extensive experience with technologically advanced solutions, to provide our clients with a structuring advice on local and foreign transactions offerings.

Working closely with private individuals and corporate clients we provide with our practical solutions on technically-tested instruments related to opening and operating foreign bank accounts, cash management and settlement options, domestic and international payment solutions, trade financing.

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